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Download our newest coded hack for all platform. When you download the file from below you will see all platform files so select your game system and follow the instructions.

                                                          MW3 Features List:

   Aimbot                                     ESP                                      Removal

-Autobot                                       -Name                                    -No Recoil
-Aimtru AimAt                               -Distance                               -No Spread
-AimKey                                       -Pose
-Visibility Check                            -Skeleton
-BoneScan                                    -Smiley Face                          MISC
-Knifebot                                       -Weapon                                -Zoom Hack
-AutoSwitch                                  -Bounding Box                        -Player HUD
-Autoshoot                                    -Line                                       -Draw Stats
-AutoWall                                      -Aim Direction                        -Chat Spam
-AutoZoom                                    -Head Dot                               -Draw fps
-AutoProne                                   -See Dropped                          -Draw Resolution
-Field Of View                               -Helicopter                              -Crosshair
-Human Aim                                 -Planes
-Aim Speed                                  -Sentries
-Ping Correction                            -RCXD
-Friendly Aim


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